Any institution connected directly or indirectly to National Interest needs a policy to decide its future course of action for the benefit of the country. In such a case Defence being an integral part of National Security Architecture responsible for national defence cannot be left behind.Traditionally indian armed forces have been relying on civilian institutions headed by bureaucrats like CHINA STUDY GROUP (A chief China Policy making body) for its policy requirements until a recent decision by Indian Army to setup its own inhouse think-tanks to guide its policies & thereby actions more precisely.These inhouse think tanks are known as CHINA CELL.A special team of officers have been deployed & assigned with the task to monitor china’s International Relation Strategies ,Soft power efforts,Economic Reforms & Military Capabilities.These specialised cells are spread across Northern,Central & Eastern Command of the Indian Army.The cell setup at the Kolkata based Eastern Command is staffed by 6 officers including a Brigadier (China)who heads it whereas cells based in Northern Command & Central Command consists of 3 officers each & are headed by a colonel.Earlier indian government used to make most of its China Related policies through inputs mostly form US Pentagon reports.So by having a specialised china focussed body will help not only Army but also Other wings of armed forces & Law Enforcement agencies to prepare themselves better to tackle any unforeseen circumstance arising out of Eastern border.Last year cabinet has given thumbs up to set up a Mountain Strike Corps at the expense of Rs.64000 crore.This year in January the Mountain Strike corps was Inagurated with the name 17 Mountain Strike Corps at Ranchi temporarily later to be shifted to Panagarh,West Bengal. It has 2 divisions i.e are 59 Division & 72 Division meant to launch offensive operations into Tibet .Interestingly this is the 4th & only China centric Strike Corps remaining 3 i.e 1 strike corps Mathura,2 Strike Corps Ambala & 21 Strike Corps Bhopal being Pakistan Centric.

Apart from above Indian Airforce is also on the mood to take Manufacturing of Aircraft & Chopper of its own in its Base Repair Depots.The force was made to moot this plan after getting upset by repeated delays,Cost overruns with HAL. Top IAF think tank & Deputy Integrated Defence Staff (Policy,Planning & Development) Air Marshal M.Matheswaran has mooted creation of separate combined R & D cadre of Army,Navy & Airforce specifically in developing Electronic Warfare (EW) systems on the line of AFRL(Airforce Research Laboratory,US) & to diversify research activities to reduce dependency on DRDO & asked Private Domestic Defence Companies to ramp up their Activities.Whereas DRDO rubbished the idea saying that the services should come forward and create a joint platfrom.


  1. GREAT move to solve the long simmering border disputes by INDIAN ARMY…. to dig into the hearts of the strageic mindset of China(A Great Expansionist,already digging it’s heels). WHAT China(only country in the world having disputes with its neighbours) is always trying to do is quiet comparable to what the Nazi German was doing Prior to second WORLD WAR and leads to its self demolistion……


    1. CHINA primarily aims to create unipolar Asia with its Economic Alliance with US & Strategic Alliance with Russia . Unfortunately SE Asian Nations are creating Broil In their Strategy


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