A General’s Adage For His Men


Field Marshal Philip  Walhouse Chetwode, the First Commander in Chief of the British Indian Army ,at the inauguration of the Indian Military  Academy in 1932 said:

“In wishing well to this Academy, and especially to the first batch of Gentlemen Cadets, I venture to offer you two pieces of advice”.

“Firstly, the Indian young man of education seems very attracted by politics. May I urge you to remember that politics do not, and cannot, find any place in Army life. An Army can have no politics. It is the paid servant of the people, and is at the disposal of the Government of the day, whatever may be the political complexion of that Government. Once there is any suspicion that an Army, or any part of it, is biased politically, from that moment the Army has lost the hill confidence of the nation who pays for it. It is no longer impartial, and that way lies chaos and civil war”.

“Secondly, I would ask you to remember that you have come here to have your first lessons in three principles which must guide an officer of a National Army, and they are :-

First, the safety, honour and welfare of your country come first, always and every time.

Second, the honour, welfare and comfort of the men you command come next.

Third, your own ease, comfort and safety come last, always and every time.

I wish all success to the Indian Military Academy and to those who are now commencing their military careers within its walls”

(Excerpts from the Speech delivered by FM Philip W Chetwode at IMA to “The Pioneers” )

5 thoughts on “A General’s Adage For His Men

  1. Thank you! Very informative!


  2. Quite informative (Y)… was not aware of this fact


  3. Quite informative 🙂


    1. Thanks Miss 🙂

      There are many such Inspiring examples of Guns & Glory but with a Cause.


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