About Us

SAFPO stands for Strategic Affairs and Foreign Policy Observer.

The role of our Think/Do Tank is to re-imagine the role of the knowledge mediator in the development ecosystem with the generation of not merely white papers for the PR Mill but to develop actionable intelligence for the practitioners whether it is in making science work for policy guidance to helping the consulting sector with the best tools for holistic assessment. We are the catalyst for implementation, and we mean action, as rhetoric is for other talk shops.

Actionable Intelligence (Security Assesment +  Environmental-Societal-Migration Impact Assessment) = Risks Mitigation (Developing Solutions) 

The Team


Debasis Dash is an Asia Analyst based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. At present, he is pursuing Master’s research in Indo-Pacific security architecture at the University of Malaya (UM), Kuala Lumpur. He has an interdisciplinary background with the 1st degree (B.Tech EEE) and 2nd degree (M.A Strategic and Defence Studies) and has worked with defense think tanks and commercial market intelligence firm in its aerospace and defense team. His works and opinions have been featured in South China Morning Post (Hong Kong), Radio Free Asia (United States), CLAWS (India), Global-is-Asian (Singapore), RIAC (Russia) and the Strategy Bridge (U.S). His analyses reside at the intersection of strategic trade, strategic technologies, strategic infrastructure development, and strategic culture to evaluate the dynamics of the Indo-Pacific geostrategic region.

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Manishankar Prasad is a hustler cum consultant having deep expertise in environmental-societal-migration (ESM)  risk analysis. He has an interdisciplinary academic background with the 1st degree (B.E. Biotechnology) and 2nd Degree (M.Sc Environmental Engineering) with a coursework on Sociology. He has both operational and academic expertise in sustainable development, urban planning, and migration issues. He has worked in Singapore, Oman, and India for a decade both in the policy and consulting space. His articles and interviews have been featured in Middle Eastern Institute (MEI, Singapore), BBC, Al Jazeera, The Guardian, and Forbes, among others.  

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